fight dgn dia


hurm . lufy sdey meyh )= sygs npe kau tak cye yg kite sygs kau tgt-tgt ! hurm .. kau bg kite 3 plihan .. kau suruh kite plih salah satu .. hurm .. first , kau nak tgl an kite .. second , kau nak cri gurls lain .. third , kau nak berubah .. hurm .. kite tak nak sume tu ! kite tak nak .. hurm .. kite nak kau thu kite sygs kau tgt-tgt meyh ! kite cnte an kau .. cye r .. jiwe raga kite hnye tox kau sygs .. byk tgt ujian yg perlu lufy hadapi )= lufy tak nak khlgan dy ! lufy sygs dy tgt-tgt .. please larh sygs .. lufy nak kau thu yg lufy cnte an kau tgt-tgt ! lufy tak nak khlgan kau sygs .. lufy tak kan plih ketiga-tiga tu .. hurm .. why must this happen to me ? yaallah .. kuat an larh lufy tox hadapi sume dugaan yg kau bg kt lufy nie .. lufy sygs dy tgt-tgt meyh ! lufy tak nak khlgan dy .. tlg larh .. lufy berharap pada mu yg maha berkuasa lg maha adil .. lufy nak dy thu lufy CINTA an dy tgt-tgt ..
i love u ariel !


  1. hi lufy,be strong keyh..there are lots of beautiful things around us, its just a matter of how we see it and whether we're able to realize it. In life, of course there are always some ups n downs. however, u should believe that even in the most difficult situation, theres always a beautiful thing....As wish people say "everything happen for a reason"